Yes, you can have it all!

A beautiful blend of the best California grapes and premium cannabis, Viv&Oak welcomes you to enjoy a new type of social experience.
You can thank us in the morning!

We’ll share our secret.

We use a state-of-the-art process so the delicate delicious taste remains for a decadent shared social experience.  Just when you think it can’t get better it does!! 

Through our proprietary “nano-encapsulation” process, we speed up the effect of the cannabis, which results in an impressive onset of 10-15 minutes. 

Don’t worry, be healthy.

Viv&Oak not only delivers an enhanced social experience, it is also a healthier alternative. Our cannabis-infused beverage has only 4 grams of sugar and 24 calories per glass!  Another glass anyone? 

And here is the low down on the high! Viv&oak uses THC which gives you the high and CBD does not! A combination of the two are a well documented synergy and amplifying there benefits. This collaborative relationship is called the “Entourage Effect.” Who doesn’t love an entourage?

When consuming cannabis edibles, It can take up to 30-120 mins for it to kick in, which can lead to over consumption!  The amazing thing about having a glass or two of Viv&Oak this allows you to drink more responsibility then ever before.  And you are never late for the party!

Learn the 5 S’s

SEE what an amazing cannabis beverage looks like.

SWIRL your glass and let the ripe grape flavors open.

SNIFF the aromas of our high-quality California grapes.

SIP slowly and swish to absorb the cannabis faster, enhancing the taste.

SAVOR the elevated social experience of Viv&Oak.

Now Available In Select California dispensaries!

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