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An Innovative Alternative Beverage

Yes, you can have it all!

A beautiful blend of the best California grapes and premium cannabis, Viv&Oak welcomes you to enjoy a new type of social experience.

Viv&Oak is an innovative alternative beverage that’s perfect for those who love wine but want to avoid alcohol. By replacing the alcohol with THC and CBD, Viv&Oak delivers the best flavors and mouthfeel of conventional wine without the hangover. 


You can thank us in the morning!™


Our Story

Alana Burstein, founder of Viv&Oak

Alana always had plans to one day run a business of her own. For years, wine was her drink of choice when entertaining friends. After an evening of one too many glasses of wine, Alana knew she wanted to end her relationship with alcohol. So she channeled her energy into inspiration.

Frustrated with the sugary and juicy taste of wines without alcohol on the market, Alana was motivated to innovate. In 2016, with the legalization of cannabis on the horizon, Alana sought a solution that could result in a more predictable elevation than edibles and a healthier alternative to smoking.

Alana spent countless hours sourcing the finest California grapes and premium cannabis, researching compliance and technology, and developing a team that could bring her vision to life. And in 2019, Viv&Oak was born. Full of flavor, low in sugar and low in calories, her creation is disrupting the industry. With Viv&Oak, Alana hopes to help break the stigma around cannabis and encourage fellow health-conscious consumers to toast to something really worth celebrating.

Our Process

We'll share our secret.

We use a state-of-the-art process to remove 99.5% of the alcohol from premium wine. Although the alcohol is removed, the delicate delicious taste remains for a decadent wine-like experience.

We replace the alcohol with premium THC and CBD. This is the fun part. Through our proprietary “nano-encapsulation” process, we speed up the effect of the cannabis, which results in an impressive onset of 10-15 minutes.

Our Benefits

Don't worry, be healthy.

Viv&Oak not only delivers an enhanced social experience, it is also a healthier alternative to wine with alcohol. Our cannabis-infused beverage has only 4 grams of sugar and 24 calories per glass!

And here’s the low-down on the high: CBD and THC are both used in Viv&Oak. CBD has a well-documented synergy with THC by reducing THC’s negative effects and amplifying its benefits. This collaborative relationship is called the “Entourage Effect.” Who doesn’t love an entourage?

It can take up to 30 to 120 minutes to feel the effect of traditional cannabis edibles, which can lead to overconsumption. Viv&Oak has a 10- to 15-minute onset time, similar to a glass of wine. Not only does this save you from consuming more than necessary, it ensures you’re never late to the party! Plus, the best part is that the effect lasts about an hour, so you can drink more responsibly than ever before.

How to Enjoy

Learn the 5 S's

SEE what an amazing cannabis beverage looks like.

SWIRL your glass and let the ripe grape flavors open.

SNIFF the aromas of our high-quality California grapes.

SIP slowly and swish to absorb the cannabis faster, enhancing the taste.

SAVOR the elevated social experience of Viv&Oak.

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