The Benefits of Cannabis for those Avoiding Alcohol

The Benefits of Cannabis for those Avoiding Alcohol

benefits of cannabis for those avoiding alcohol

The Benefits of Cannabis for those Avoiding Alcohol

Across many cultures, alcohol is a socially “accepted” norm, a ritual that’s become a part of almost every social activity. Dinner parties and formal gatherings feature wine, special events call for champagne, we toast one another with alcohol and even a casual family night out might include a glass of wine or a pint of beer. For most, social drinking is a controlled behaviour but for some, heavy drinking and/or a craving for alcohol can have adverse side effects both physically and psychologically. If you are concerned about the amount of alcohol you consume, or are simply looking for an alternative, consider cannabis instead. At Viv&Oak, we’re introducing an innovative new way for people to enjoy cannabis in a social setting, without experiencing some of the potential negative side effects of excessive alcohol use.

Users will smoke or ingest cannabis in place of alcohol

With recent changes to laws in some Canadian provinces and US states, we’ve seen the rise of a different type of cannabis consumer. Sometimes referred to as Marijuana Maintenance, these are users who will smoke or ingest cannabis in place of an alcoholic beverage. MM offers a potential solution to some alcohol cravings by helping to reduce their severity and by having more of a sedative effect. In addition, cannabis is for some, a viable and natural alternative to prescription medications. Personally, with responsible micro dosing, I have found cannabis helps to curb my alcohol cravings, has provided some relief from emotional issues and even works to reduce the social anxiety I feel in large group settings. All of this comes without the risk of potential addictions experienced by some people who use prescription medications and/or alcohol in an attempt to achieve the type of results I’ve experienced using only appropriate marijuana maintenance. 

Cannabis allows users to be social without the hangover

Cannabis use, for me, has been enlightening. I am more creative, find it easier to enjoy social events and don’t find myself in that “dark place” that sometimes accompanied alcohol use. Personally, as I get older, I’m also finding my body doesn’t metabolize alcohol well, often leaving me feeling awful, depressed or with a brutal hangover. Partaking of our new Viv&Oak Cannabis Infused Beverages, responsibly and still in a manner that’s in keeping with that “socially acceptable” glass of wine has helped me significantly. With cannabis, I’m able to end my night the same way it began and without any adverse “morning after” regrets. “You can thank us in the morning!”

*Viv&Oak is an innovative alternative beverage offering a new type of social experience. We use a blend of the finest California grapes to create a wine like beverage that is de-alcoholised, then infused with premium cannabis. Various styles and dosing available!   For more information on where you can purchase Viv&Oak visit

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