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Growing up with an entrepreneurial father, Alana always had plans to one day run a business of her own. With years of raising three children under her belt, hard work, multi-tasking, and problem- solving are second nature to her. For years, wine had been Alana’s drink of choice when entertaining friends; though over time she noticed that it no longer agreed with her lifestyle.

After an evening of one too many glasses of wine, Alana knew that her relationship with alcohol needed to come to an end. Hitting rock bottom for Alana caused her to channel her energy into inspiration. Noticing the demand from others seeking healthier and safer alternatives to alcohol, she was determined to find a solution that would still allow people to be social while celebrating life.

In 2016, Alana dove in headfirst, selling her home to start solving this problem that is personally meaningful. Frustrated with the sugary and juicy taste of non-alcoholic wines on the market, she was motivated to innovate a new product. With the legalization of cannabis on the horizon, her creativity sparked. She was seeking a solution that could result in a more predictable elevation than edibles and a healthier alternative to smoking. Over lunch with a friend, the idea came to her for a cannabis beverage that would have all the best attributes of wine with none of the negative impacts of alcohol. With her youngest child heading to university, the timing was right to pursue her dream of starting a business.

Putting safety at the forefront of her values, Alana spent countless hours sourcing the best possible ingredients, researching compliance and technology, and developing a team that could help bring her vision to life. The result is Viv&Oak, featuring premium California grapes blended with cannabis for an elevated social experience; one that is full of flavor, low in sugar and calories, and will leave you without a hangover. Alana hopes to help break the stigma around cannabis and encourage fellow health-conscious consumers open to new experiences to toast to something really worth celebrating.