Now Officially Available For Purchase

Now Officially Available For Purchase

Cannabis Infused Beverage now available in California

Viv&Oak is the ultimate alternative beverage and we are now officially available for purchase. 🌟🌟

We have three dosing styles for you to choose from!
With two more coming…

Each are 750ml Bottles, 5oz pour per serving!
🍷Sparkling Rosé THC 50mg = THC 10mg per serving!
🍷Sparkling Rosé 1:1 equal parts THC/CBD=10mg per serving of each THC&CBD
🍷Shimmering Scarlett CBD 100mg and THC 4mg = CBD 20.1 per serving!

Please consume responsibly!

For information on distribution opportunities and where to purchase please visit our CONTACT PAGE

Thank you for all your patience and support!

Alana founder Viv&Oak 😘


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