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"Sipping a nonalcoholic beverage while enjoying an elevated social experience."

Viv & Oak beverages are an excellent alternative to alcohol and a delightful way to partake in the social experience.

Offered in various blends of THC and CBD, Viv & Oak wines are low in calories and carry little risk of going overboard as with certain edibles that hit like a brick wall hours later.

Viv&Oak is also a Marin Magazine Best of the County Winner for 2020 in the category “New Sips”

From alcoholic wine to cannabinoids: one teetotaller’s journey to CBD

The founder of a cannabinoid drinks company who swapped her evening tipple for cannabis with a twist talks to Cannabis Health. When Alana Burstein, founder and president of Viv & Oak, gave up alcohol five years ago, she was looking for something else she could enjoy while socialising and unwinding, and came up with the idea to replace the alcohol in wine with something she believes is healthier: cannabinoids.

Pour yourself a glass of this cannabis-infused wine

A handful of startups are hoping cannabis-infused beverages become a trend. But while other CBD purveyors have leaned more heavily toward fizzy drinks, these producers are reaching for the brass ring with the development of “cannabis wine.”

A wine-like product, these THC- and CBD-infused concotions are made with wine grapes sourced from reputed regions, including California’s Sonoma County and Napa Valley. But instead of getting a buzz from alcohol, the sensation stems from the addition of a water-soluble cannabis mixture added to dealcoholized wine. And like real wine, you’ll feel the effects in a matter of minutes.

Thank you for tuning into episode 12 of season 1 of the Alpha Woman podcast. Today I am interviewing Alana Burstein, the Founder of Viv and Oak which is a company that produces a premium California Wine which is de-alcoholized and blended with cannabis for an elevated social experience.

Alana’s goal is to help break the stigma around cannabis and encourage fellow health-conscious consumers to be open to new delicious experiences.

Listen in as Alana breaks down the complexities that go into building a cannabis infused beverage business in California.

– Leslie Andrachuk
Co-Founder and CEO – AlphaWoman Podcast

Cannabis Consumer Behavior Alters With Covid-19 Quarantine: Edibles & Drinks Surge

“Women are often seeking a healthier alternative to alcohol, but want an elevated social experience. To do this with cannabis is ideal. In addition, women want a product that has relatable packaging, tastes amazing, and feels safe. This tends to be achieved with an edible or an infused beverage, so I am not surprised that when their sales surged during the panic buys, they gravitated toward these products. The cannabis consumable sector has come a long way. The existing products have nailed the experience for the female consumer, so this demographic will continue to grow in the coming years,” says founder & president of Viv & Oak, Alana Burstein

"there is an element of luxury and social conviviality that these brands embody….."

The Resurgence of Weed Wine, Explained

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“The carbonation is milder than a champagne. But, it almost tastes like champagne because it’s so smooth, and drinkable.”

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