It’s Really Wine! It Really, Really Is!

It’s Really Wine! It Really, Really Is!


Some of you may be too young to remember the infamous Oscar acceptance speech by Sally Fields for her role in Places In The Heart back in 1985. During her speech she exclaimed; “You like me, you really, really, like me!” We mention this only to directly draw a parallel to our very own Viv&Oak wine that some people seem to think may not be “real” wine. We’ve got news for you – it might be different, and we happen to think even better than your usual brand – but the good news is this: it’s really wine, it really, really is! 


The team at Viv&Oak set out to solve a problem several years ago and that problem was how to help those who really enjoy a glass of wine but either don’t like its after effects or the calories that come at a cost. Additionally, we hoped to help normalize the use of cannabis in an ever-changing world. In some places, cannabis use is now legalized but perhaps some of those old, long-standing taboos around its use still exist. That’s why at Viv&Oak we’ve created a product that resolves both: inviting the consumer to enjoy the shared experience of a social glass of wine with friends, while also experiencing cannabis. Here’s how we do it:

  • We start with the best of what California has to offer in terms of lovely, handcrafted Zinfandel and Rosé wines. 
  • We then carefully extract the alcohol from our wine BUT leave in the natural flavors, aroma, and tannins, all properties that are associated with enjoying a good glass of California vino.
  • We then infuse the wine with THC & CBD using a specific nano-encapsulation process turning the cannabis oil into a water-soluble mixer that is somewhat clear. The technology behind this process will only continue to improve.  
  • Vertosa, an advanced infusion technology firm, understands the properties of polyphenols and liquid emulsions and has helped to ensure our product looks like real wine, tastes like real wine and contains all of the important properties (yet very little of the cloudiness) associated with cannabis infused beverages. 

Specifically, our formulas are created to help eliminate what is sometimes referred to as “cloudy” wine. Understanding polyphenols (micronutrients with antioxidant properties) and how they bond with emulsions in various wine types, has allowed the creation of a polyphenol stable emulsion process that results in a wine, specifically with our Zinfandel, considered to be a virtually “clear” liquid pour. As a result, there is very little cannabinoid sedimentation and an excellent quality of “mouth feel” to our wines.

What does all of this really mean? As we alluded to earlier, the good news is our product really, really is wine. It looks like wine, it tastes like wine and in a social setting it allows you to enjoy a glass with friends. You’ll experience all the pleasant feelings you might expect without any of the potential “morning after” side effects. Try Viv&Oak Cannabis-infused beverages. We think you’ll love them, you’ll really, really love them. 

*Onset refers to the approximate length of time it will take before feeling the potential effects of cannabis infused beverages. Check our website for more information about our wines and onset times.

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