How to Enjoy Viv&Oak

How to Enjoy Viv&Oak

How to Enjoy Viv&Oak


How to Enjoy Viv&Oak - the 5 S’s

We are proud to introduce you to the ultimate alternative beverage for those who love wine, but want to avoid alcohol. 

Here are tips to enjoy the wonderful shared, social experience that Viv&Oak has to offer.

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SWIRL: your glass and let the ripe grape flavors open

Viv&Oak is made from California’s grapes, that has been de-alcoholized!  We add THC & CBD, then we add our finishing touches. When you swirl your glass it allows the natural flavors and aromas of the grapes to open up.  

“Viv&Oak’s rosé is hands down the best cannabis infused wine I’ve tried. It’s refreshing, delicious and provides a really fun and pleasant high. It’s perfect for people who like wine but want to drink less alcohol and for cannabis enthusiasts. I had the pleasure of working with Alana on an event and she was an absolute delight to partner with. She’s knowledgeable, friendly and just the sweetest person. I can’t recommend her or Viv&Oak enough!”

Leah Lush4life Events. 

SNIFF: the aromas of our high-quality California grapes

The aromatic notes of our Rosé, and our Zinfandel grapes, are something to be savored.  When you sniff the wine it will elevate your senses, allowing your taste buds to be dancing waiting for the first sip.

SIP: slowly and swish to absorb the cannabis faster, enhancing the taste

When you have a glass of Viv&Oak, we would naturally swish it in your mouth, which means the  effects from the cannabis will come on faster. This is because the cannabis is absorbed through your mucus membrane, feeling  the effects 10-20 mins, keep in mind everyone is different! , The cannabis oil is spun into tiny 20-100 nanometer-sized droplets, making it water soluable.  So be sure to sip and swish in your mouth, that will enhances its full flavors and brings on the effects faster! This reduces overconsumption from happening!  Second glass anyone!  

SAVOR: the elevated social experience of Viv&Oak

Viv&Oak is to be savored, with you family and friends, or  simply by yourself. 

We want you to enjoy the wonderful taste followed by its uplifting, delicite buzz. 

We are so proud at what we have created so far, we hope you do too!  

We thank you for all your support, and we would love your feedback. 

Remember start low, go slow and enjoy.

“These are wonderful times to be alive  The experience of sharing a glass of Viv&Oak at a social function in California with my friends gave me a glimpse of what the future holds for professionals like myself whose lives are no longer compatible with alcohol. I’ll toast to that! “

Nate Gibbs

Founder, Gold Leaf Gardens & Leira Cannagars 

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