Alternatives to Alcohol when you’re thinking about Sparkling Summer Drinks

Alternatives to Alcohol when you’re thinking about Sparkling Summer Drinks


The summertime is precious time. It’s a time for family and friends to gather, it’s when BBQ’s and picnics and parties happen.  Whether it’s a visit to the beach, a backyard pool party, a dinner party with friends or celebrating a birthday, enjoying an event in the warmer weather and with the sun shining above is a “limited time offer” that we all must take advantage of! At Viv&Oak we’re all about embracing the moment in a way that suits your taste, your lifestyle and your preferences. If you prefer to celebrate without alcohol, we have an alternative that might be just right for you!


Viv&Oak offers alternatives to alcohol when you’re thinking about sparkling summer drinks on the patio. We’re not suggesting you need alcohol to have fun, far from it. Occasionally however, it can feel a little lonesome, and boring being the only one at a party who is drinking a diet soda. Additionally, for many adults over the age of 21, the non-alcoholic beverages currently on offer are either too sweet, and tasting too much like your kids glass of morning grape juice or frankly – are just to “fake” tasting to be enjoyable. That’s where Viv&Oak comes in, we offer a shimmering, sparkling beverage that tastes great, looks great and might even help you feel great too. Our cannabis beverages is infused with THC, or a combination of THC and CBD, offer the high without the low that often accompanies a night of too much alcohol consumption. Our beverages are just 24 calories and have only 4 grams of sugar. It’s an innovative alternative to wine and allows you to still feel like you are always apart of the party.


Summer beverages are supposed to be fun! Pretty colours, added berries and drinks poured over crushed ice not only taste good but they also look pretty too. Their visual appeal is part of what makes the whole experience of enjoying a poolside cocktail so much more fun. Viv&Oak cannabis infused beverages offer flexibility to your summertime drink experience and mean that you too might have the same experiences as that of your friends. If you’re looking to “take the edge off” your next summer BBQ invite, here’s how:


  • The natural shimmering nature of our California beverages make adding that “little something extra” to make your drink both elevating and pretty, its simple and easy. Drop in some fruit, add in crushed ice and blend it together for a fun little cocktail that tastes great and helps elevate both your mood and your party experience! 
  • Whether you are looking for THC, CBD or both, we have different dosing styles for you to choose from, wheather you are new to cannabis or a more seasoned user, we have you covered! 
  • Our Shimmering Blush is already the perfect summertime drink – no mixing required!
  • All Viv&Oak beverages are made from de-alcoholized premium California grapes and then infused with premium cannabis. Our two varietals are Zinfandel and Rośe. One  media outlet recently described our beverages as “sparkling it was a brilliant move”I Wouldn’t you agree that a sparkling drinks could be a real summer winner?
  • Experiment with our sparkling red, and rose to find a taste, flavor, fruit and/or ice combination that works best for you! 


We know in many parts of North America, the COVID-19 pandemic is still putting a bit of a damper on summer fun. For many however, we’ve been granted the opportunity to expand our social bubbles from fewer than five. Including good friends and/or family members. That means it’s time to celebrate, safely and responsibly. Sure you can enjoy a party without all that alcohol but sometimes, for some folks, you’re looking for a way to have fun but without all the negative side-effects that sometimes come along with excessive alcohol consumption. If you’re hoping to find a way to relax, enjoy, you kids, and some adult company with a cocktail or two this summer, consider our alcohol free, cannabis infused sparkling beverages and enjoy a new type of social experience. Our website offers helpful information that will guide first time buyers with making decisions about what type of sparkling summer beverage to imbibe. Enjoy Viv&Oak, a shimmering, summer drink alternative to wine. 

You’ll thank us in the morning.TM


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